Muskoka Pet Lodge
Pet Boarding Services

Our Fees:

 1 Dog  $20.00/day
    2 Dogs  $18.00/day/dog
 3 Dogs (or more)  $16.00/day/dog    

        Young Dogs  (8-24weeks)  $30/day             Unaltered dogs  $30/day            
Cats  $15.00/day

In-Home boarding for small breed dogs:
1Dog $30/day
2 Dogs $25/day/dog
3 Dogs or more $20/day/dog

*If Dogs from the same family need to be boarded in separate kennels, the fee will remain $20/dog.

​ *Multiple dog rates apply ONLY when staying THREE nights or longer.

                                 Our Policies:

It is required that your pets have the Bordetella Vaccine (kennel cough), of which you will need to provide proof of. 

Your pet should be spayed/neutered. (unless they are puppies)

Your dog(s) must get along well with all other dogs.

You will not be charged a boarding fee on the day of departure unless you are unable to pick-up your pet by 12:00 noon.

 With all of the choices in pet foods, it would be impossible for us to supply them all, so it is required that you bring your pet's food with you.  (Food can be provided for an additional fee)

To prevent infestation, please treat your pets with a flea preventative product several days before arriving.

If for some reason your vacation is cut short, and you need to pickup your pet earlier than expected, you will still be charged for the duration of time originally booked.