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Our Facility is set up to be your pet's 
home away from home.  

A smaller, more intimate setting.
Please rest assured that when you leave your dog(s) with us, they are very much apart of our family.  They are NOT left inside the kennel only to see daylight once a day.  Our kennel is there to provide shelter from extreme weather and a safe comfortable place for them to eat and sleep at bedtime.
We also provide a true "home environment" for your Small dogs.  They are in our home just as they are in yours.  

We offer a Very Spacious fenced area for your dogs of all sizes. Small and Senior dogs have use of the play area separately and at different times then the more active, younger breeds.  Either way, your pet will receive plenty of playtime and exercise each day, for their entire stay!  This is all inclusive and you are not charged per playtime.

Cats, Birds, Ferretsand your other Pocket Pets have a separate area to eat and sleep.  This room is set up away from the dog area, and is located inside our home. 

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The New Kennel.  Provides a comfortable and safe sleeping & eating area.
The Newvery large, fenced-in yard.

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